Our Team

A good blend of technical and customer service team for a better customer experience

Our priority in business is to ensure customers enjoy the best value from the service and products we supplied.

Hence, we always make sure our employees are value adding and enhance the customer experience with us.

Technical Development

The technical team is responsible for continuously assess our current products and develop new products application.  Most important this is the team that will attend to enquires from customers on technical related matter such as disease treatment, soil treatment, use of pesticides, fertilizer formulation, plant growth and water irrigation.

Our lead Technical Development Director had a 20 years experience in the respective field.


The operations team is responsible to be the first responder to the planting site to conduct site assessment. Whether it is a 5 acre commercial property landscape site or a 3 acre fruits farm or a 100 acres oil palm estate, this is the team that will be on site with the customer.

Each business division had its own team lead to attend to our customers. They are the field person who work with farmers, planters, landscape contractors.

Our Lead Operations Director had a 15 years experience in the respective field.

Marketing & Customer Service

All our marketing staffs are train at our Agro service center where they have to attend to  farmers, planters and gardeners. Agro service center is a center that is strategically located at sub-urban where farmers / planters can easily get assess for bulk purchase of fertilizer, soil conditioner and pesticides for their estates and farm.

With direct hands-on experience with farmers and planters, our marketing team is in a better position to serve our customers. The Marketing and Service team is directly lead by our Senior Management who had good insight into the industrial and always in close contact with all our customers.

New employees are subject to on-boarding program with technical training as priority and later o will go through a series of hands-on customer service on job training at our Agro service center before assign to the field.

The team will continue to strive for a better service for our customers and ensure customers continue enjoy the best value from BMARK.