Our organic compost is carefully composted  by undergoing a unique process. The Compost planting soil produced are fine in texture with dark brown in color and is high in organic matter.

It is excellent for the improvement of soil condition when being used together with our SOIL FEED & SOIl GUARD soil conditioner product ; breaking up compacted clay soil as well as improve the structure of sandy soil.

Adding our compost into planting bed will feed the soil as it is rich with organic matter, leaving your garden / landscape or even potted plants with a nutritious planting medium in which plants will flourish and thrive to produce a beatiful garden.

Our organic compost planting soil is marketed under the LIVING SOIL brand which is ideal for planting of trees, shrubs, vegetables, bedding plants, and general mulching.

This product is 100% organic , weed free and no animal dung.

Bmark quality compost

We also develop customize packaging for some of our customers house brand. This will allow our customers and their consumer to enjoy the best of LIVING SOIL yet retain their garden center / nursery brand name.