Controlled Release Fertilizer

To continue sustain a healthy planting soil without compromising the optimum growth of plants and yet lower operating cost for large orchard, estates and even commercial landscape; We introduce the control release fertilizer.

A control release fertilizer is a granulated fertilizer that releases nutrients gradually into the soil. The slowness of the release is determined by the low solubility of the chemical compounds in the soil moisture.  This will allow a better release of fertilizer that will not damage the soil condition and also prevent drain off of fertilizer if release immediately into the soil and not absorb by the roots.

Conventional fertilizers are soluble in water, the nutrients can disperse quickly as the fertilizer dissolves. This will not just harm the soil condition as too much dosage of fertilizer are released at once but it will also potentially caused “Burn” to the roots of a plant and “damaged” the plant instantly.  

As for commercial planting, application of controlled released fertilizer can help to reduce operating cost by maximize fertilizing period so that less frequency of fertilizing work which will translate as lower operating cost. Typically our range of control release fertilizer is formulated for a period of 3 months or 6 months. Meaning, only once every 3 months or 6 months need to apply.  This is especially important for fertilizing at challenging terrain or planting areas such as hilly orchard or estates.

Benefits of using controlled release fertilizer

controlled release fertilizer

Our brand of Controlled Release Fertilizer is derived from plant based oil. The environmentally friendly biodegradable coating ensures sustained nutrient release for plants. The release of nutrients is pre-determined based on the local temperature and climate.