Management Services


We do provide holistic services to some of our estates and commercial landscape customers. Our holistic service include the following: – 

  • Site assessment to identify area of improvement to an estate / orchard / landscape.
  • Provide a relevant solution whether it is a fertilizer formula, irrigation system, soil enhancement or application of fungicide or insecticide.
  • Provide training to customer’s workers on best work practice to take care of their estate / orchard / landscape.
  • Engage our experience workers to take care our customer’s estate / orchard / landscape. An experience supervisor will be assigned to supervise and monitor the work at customer premises.
Estate or Fruits Orchards

The fruits yield of an estate had been in a devastating state and required a revamp. Hence we provide an assessment of the causes and recommend a holistic solution from reformulating the fertilizer, introducing the appropriate pesticide program, dispatch our team of experience operations workers to perform fertilizing / harvesting & maintenance of the overall estates.

Fruits yield from 1 of our customer increase as much as 100% after 8 months engaged our Holistic Estates Management Service.

Commercial Landscape

Landscape at one of our customers’ commercial property project was in a deteriorating state with plants rotting and tree leafs continue to falls. Upon assessment, we found that most of the planting soil are compacted and have poor aeration and irrigation for water. Hence we apply soil conditioner at most of the landscape area with quality compost and also potted plants. Besides we also applied the appropriate fertilizer for the green lush which most of the leafs are yellowish in color. In-depth study we observed that fertilizer applied are poor in quality and not the appropriate NPK and worst most, the way fertilizer applied was incorrect with fertilizer pilling up at a single area of plants. And to make things worst, irrigation system was malfunction with certain area over water and certain area water is just merely dripping lightly. Hence certain plants are infected with fungus due to over water and certain plants are at a stress state due to lack of water. We redesigned the whole irrigation system to ensure balance water pressure for all the properties area and install appropriate dripping system.

Within 6 months, the whole landscape situation was turn around and our customers and the property owner are happy and amazed with the lush green landscape.