Technical Visit


We do not believe that as a supplier, we can provide an effective fertilizer solution without seeing and assessing the planting sites. We even travel more than 100 kilometers to a customer estates to perform a technical site assessment before recommending a fertilizer solution to the customer.

Reason being, a plant growth can be affected by various factors:

  • Suitability of  fertilizer in terms of the Macronutrients  NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium). For instance for oil palm, age of the palm will affect the amount of fertilizer required during fertilizing. And for instances in a garden, plants that required flower blooming will need a different NPK fertilizer than a plant than need a green leafs.
  • Condition of the soil where a tree or plant reside. Acidic soil will distort the growth of a plant. And compacted clay soil will distort a plant growth.
  • Water irrigation condition. Too much water will prompt to fungus infection and too little water due to poor irrigation system will caused stress to a plant.
  • Estate / Orchard / Landscape management system. Poor workers’ supervision as well as inexperience workers in an estate / orchard / landscape will affect the overall wellbeing growth of plants. This is mainly due to lack of proper management system.
  • Disease infection is one of the critical factor that caused poorly grown plants.

After site assessment, then only we recommend the best soultion to the customer.

Most important, we always make sure to follow through with our customers by making continuous visits to ensure the solution works for them, whether it is  fruits trees , vegetables farm or a landscape gardens.