Soil Conditioner

Soil conditioner is a product which is added into soil to improve the soil’s physical qualities.

Benefits of using soil conditioner:

  • Loosen the soil
  • Improve aeration of the soil
  • Improve irrigation of the soil
  • Breakdown locked nutrition in the soil.
  • Improve organic matter and nutrition retention in the soil

Our range of soil conditioner will not only provide the above benefits but will also enrich the organic matter in the soil. Most important it comprises a specially selected microbe that will strengthen the roots of a plant or tree.

Throughout our years of support to our customers, we had seen so many customers cherish about the plants that they grow in their garden and fruits they bear in their orchard using our soil conditioner.

we have 2 range of soil conditioner.

Soil Feed
Soil Feed

For the consumer market, we have the SOIL FEED brand. This product provides soil solution for hobby gardener as well as serious gardeners who owned large area of garden landscape.

SOIL FEED is also widely use by our customers who are in the landscape development work to recondition the soil of challenging landscape for residential and commercial projects.

We are glad to be part of our customers’ landscape recovery project, where we had work together with them to recover poor soil condition. Most of the incidents are compacted clay soils that prohibit a better aeration of air and irrigation of water. The soils are so compacted that it will also prevent the roots of plants to grow healthily.

With the application of SOIL FEED, the soil of the landscape improved and the landscape condition started to turnaround within the next 3 – 6 months, saving tons of money for our customer to refill the soil and also to replant. Following are some of the common sights of soil problems that caused landscape deficiency.

Soil Guard
Soil Guard

For the agriculture market, we have the SOIL GUARD brand of soil conditioner that will enhance the roots of fruits trees. And is widely used in oil palm estate to strengthen the roots of the palm tree and condition the soil in order to allow better release of trap nutrition / fertilizer in the soil. Besides, most important is SOIL GUARD also provide protection to a tree such as palm oil trees, banana trees from disease infection such as Gano Derma disease infection on palm oil trees.