Organic Fertilizer

Our range of fertilizers are stringently selected from BMARK group of strategic manufacturers.

BMARK is very particular on the quality of the fertilizer products that it carries to ensure our customers enjoy the best products for their plants and fruits trees.

When we sell our fertilizer products, we always start with providing our customers the understanding of nutrients required by a plant. Then we assess what nutrients and amount of nutrients required by the plants before we propose a fertilizer to the customer. This is very important to ensure a customer purchase the appropriate fertilizer that will optimize the yield of a fruits tree.

Organic Fertilizer

We strongly recommend a good mix of organic and chemical fertilizer application. This will allow a sustainable planting soil that will optimize the growth of a plants.  In view of that we had developed our own brand of premium quality organic fertilizer.

The product quality can be seen on its physical smooth shinning black color surface with a strong coffee aroma denotes the supreme quality of the products.

For the consumer market, our organic fertilizer is branded under the BAJA BUKIT BESAR (Big Mountain Fertilizer) brand. It come in a handy pack so consumer can easily apply and store.